2017 Luogo Presunto



The exhibition “Silenzio” (Silence) started with this installation consisting in a series of spindly iron-rod structures and located at the center of the opencast space of the cloister of the Basilica of San Simpliciano. This exhibition has been conceived by the artist as a path twisting in the center of Milan and comprehending two other places of spirituality, that is the rectory church of San Raffaele and the chapel of San Bernardino alle Ossa.[read]The elements of the installation, wiry and fragile architectures, were placed in the space with no apparent order, simply seeming to respond to a desire to spread out: “Archetypical buildings that could almost fly away from one moment to the next. A house between land and sky, a suspended shelter that avoids contact, perhaps protecting us even more than a sturdy construction standing solidly on the ground”, as the artist described his work. The title, “Luogo presunto” (Suspected Place), a quote from Borges, in fact refers to an imaginary place whose existence is uncertain, a place with the same texture as a mirage or a dream.[/read]

Luogo presunto. Environmental installation, iron, variable dimensions, 2017