2016 per metameria



Per Metameria – like other videos at restlessmatter.net, the web project by Ferruccio Ascari – has been developed from a sculpture of the same name from 2006, composed of 23 pieces.[read]
As for other works in this period, it belongs to a cycle of pieces that investigate the question of symmetry and its breakdown, the dialectic between order as a principle of stability and disorder as a generative factor. In the version from 2006 the various parts were placed on a plane, along a longitudinal access, in diminishing order, symmetrical with respect to a central element, in keeping with a rhythm of crescendo and diminuendo, as the artist described it, borrowing terms from the language of music. In the video this order is disrupted. The individual pieces are arranged in space without a preset rule, rocking in a sort of “perpetual motion” that is actually the outcome of the editing of the sequences (as revealed in the “related video” Per Metameria Backstage). The noises made by the friction of the pieces on the floor are assembled in the video’s soundtrack. The character of the sound comes from the material with which the pieces are made – iron – and from the varied resonance of each in relation to its form and size.[/read]

Per Metameria, 02’45”, 2016 (teaser 1’04”)

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