2016 Opera ultima video




The video takes its cue from an installation of the same name by Ferruccio Ascari from 2012, composed of multiple elements: a series of terracotta urns,[read]different in size and form, containing remains that are hard to identify.
Perhaps bones of beings with an unspecified and unspecifiable nature. The urns were then sealed by the artist. Their content thus became secret, invisible, but before completing this operation and making them definitively inaccessible inside, photographs were taken: partial images, details of what the urn contains. Starting with these images, the viewer begins an imaginative path: a flow of mental associations that is an integral, essential part of this mysterious work that seems to harbor an initiatic meaning. The video made starting with this work is also a voyage, in effect. A voyage of a visual nature inside unspecified cavities, in a hypothetical underground, a deep repository that stores the remains of everything, where each item is subject to an incessant process of transformation and germination.[/read]

Opera Ultima, 04’30”, 2016 (teaser 01’01’)

[vc_video link=”https://vimeo.com/169510778″ align=”center”]

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