2016 Muri



The video, like two others belonging to an earlier period – Promethèus and Artisti contro il nucleare (Artists against nuclear power) – conveys a strong political message,[read]starting with the title that alludes to a precise phase of recent history: the one marked by the migratory movements of populations victimized by war or inhumane living conditions towards the European nations and elsewhere.
The wall is what separates, blocks the view of what happens every day in silence, in the midst a general lack of attention: deaths on the workplace, wretched lives, without the possibility of escape, that obscure the image of progress and efficiency of an era that is actually incapable of imagining and designing the future. The structure of the video itself, the purely visual plane, conveys these reflections: the obstacle to viewing is that of worksite barriers with holes at many points. Through each of these small openings one can glimpse for an instant a series of catastrophic events whose tragic impact, precisely through repetition, is canceled out, producing inurement instead of rebellion. An obsessive repetition that returns in the soundtrack that accompanies the video: a soundscape that evokes the construction site, the factory, the repetitive nature of industrial work.[/read]

Muri, 02’39”, 2016 (teaser 0’28”)

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