2016 la freccia che colpisce il bersaglio vola per sempre Video


La Freccia che
Colpisce il Bersaglio
Vola per Sempre


The title The arrow that strikes the target flies forever refers to two videos – one of which is a loop – both based on a sculpture of the same title[read] by Ferruccio Ascari from 2007, made of four pieces of white terracotta.
Each piece is composed of a series of concentric truncated cones, of diminishing diameter, nested inside each other. The concentric circles, sloping inward, attract the gaze, sucking it towards an infinitesimal inner point, an imaginary vanishing point in which the gaze penetrates, giving rise to a visual vortex. The gaze is comparable to an arrow that encounters no obstacles and thus flies, as the title suggests, forever, infinitely. A gaze without an object, that vanishes into a void in many ways comparable to the condition reached in a meditative mindstate. The soundtrack uses the sounds produced by striking each individual part of the sculpture.[/read]

La Freccia che Colpisce il Bersaglio Vola per Sempre, 2’22”, 2016 (teaser 0’34”)

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La Freccia che Colpisce il Bersaglio Vola per Sempre, loop, 2016