2015 Mano Armonica Video




Music score written on the hand fingers—executed for the first time in Milan in 1978 as part of the installation/performance Vibractions,[read]versions of this work were presented through 2012 in different locations.
This video stems from a work from 1978 of the same title, composed of twentyfive photographs of the artist’s hand. The fingers, bent in different positions, are the support of a music score executed for the first time as part of Vibractions, a sound installation/performance from the same year, presented in different locations and versions through the following years most recently in 2012. In the video, the music score and the hand’s movement are once again closely interconnected: the movement of the fingers generates the score, which by turn becomes the animation’s sound track.[/read]

Mano Armonica, 03’09”, 2015 (teaser 0’50”)

Courtesy: Museo del Novecento – Milano

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