2012 cinque stanze sensibili


Cinque Stanze

In Cinque stanze sensibili (Five Sensitive Rooms), we can see a return to earlier questions that are still open, available to interpretation in different forms and materials, in keeping with the characteristic methods of his operation.[read]Cinque stanze sensibill is composed of five wooden parallelepipeds, hollow with a quadrangular base, vertically stacked; on each side there is a small door that offers a glimpse of the space inside. Each of them alludes to five elements: from the earth, that of the base, to the aether, at the top. The work is part of a more complex project on which the artist has worked for years, which includes drawings, sculptures, a theater piece and an architectural design. The latter calls for the construction of five meditation rooms. Each room has a single window whose geometric form (square, crescent moon, triangle, hexagon, circle) corresponds to one of the five elements. The color of each glazing is part of a range of correspondences correlated with each form. In the invention of this work, Ferruccio Ascari was inspired by one of the great traditions of ancient Indian thought, Samkhya, the philosophy that forms the foundations of Yoga. This is a woridview that has emerged in all his works of the last few decades: “Forms yearn to be, they seem to be driven by the desire to come into the light – Ascari explains – and I never cease to be amazed in the face of the secret that is harbored inside each of them. What does a form want by assuming the form it assumes? There are phases in which the fundamental impulse urges it to occupy a space, to expand in every possible direction; in others, an opposing desire, to be reabsorbed, seems to prevail. It is a dialectic movement of acceleration-deceleration, expansion-contraction, as happens with the tides, or with breathing that happens in the binary rhythm of inhalation-exhalation.” The incessant transmutation that is the fundamental principle the forms seem to obey is simply one aspect of that energy that pervades the cosmos in an eternal alternation of death and birth. In this perspective, standing up against the less of “difference” and the annihilation of social space that seem to prevail in the contemporary world – with their burden of anonymity and solitude and the loss of sense that accompanies an incessant production of images and imposition of lifestyles – the work of the artist can ultimately be seen as a form of silent but radical opposition to the spirit of the times.[/read]

Cinque Stanze Sensibili. Wood, 25x15x250 cm, 2012 [TW0028]

Cinque Stanze Sensibili. Architectural project, 25x15x250 cm, 2012

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