2011 Sapiens



SAPIENS is a ‘lighting body’ made in iron rod. The silhouette and dimensions are those of a tall adult man,[read]over six feet tall. Its tail is an electric cord and its head is a light bulb.
SAPIENS is a hybrid object, both a sculpture and a lamp, and exists at the border between art and design. One could describe it as a poetic thought that casts light, or just a presence. Sapiens was conceived and realized in different versions, each characterized by a specific posture of the arms and hands, in the position of pointing at either the sky or the ground; of offering or welcoming…
Every piece of Sapiens is unique.[/read]

Sapiens, 1’41”, 2011

[vc_video link=”https://vimeo.com/119112963″ align=”center”]

Sapiens. Iron wire, lightbulb, electric wire, different sizes, 2011 [S0029]