2008 Vayu



Vayu, like Odradek, Fiori and Insiemi Instabili, belongs to a group of works in witch the multiplicity of parts “lacking a clear, recognizable order[read]- as the artist says – seems to respondd to a pure need for growth; almost as if they were following their own secret impulses, expanding in the direction of least resistance”.
The form – the infinite, varied form through which life manifests itself – is the result of this impulse that knows no calm, driven by an overwhelming generative will that seems to have no goal other than reproduction.
In Vayu the twenty parts, with similar forms but different sizes, are scattered on the floor. The title is a Sanskrit term that can be translated as “wind, air, current.” These are jars, containers without bottom, so that paradoxically they can contain nothing. Vessels destined never to be filled, whose form evokes and at the same time negates the empty-full dialectic that is part of the form and function of any container. Crossed by air, these jars evoke the void and, at the same time, the impossibility of its representation.[/read]

Vayu. Terracotta, 20 elements, variable dimensions, 2008 [S0027]