2007 Pittura per Ciechi


per Ciechi

In the works on paper from this period, with a dizzying shift of perspective, the artist’s gaze is directed into a compositional plot that tends to erase distance,[read]in a near mingling, as if to fully know its innermost structure. But this is not just a case of “learning to see” things as they are intertwined in the plot of nature; it means feeling a sense of belonging to that same plot. This is what happens in Pittura per ciechi (Painting For the Blind), a series di gouaches made on the pages of old Natural History textbooks in Braille, or in works like Bianco/Nero (White/Black) Bianco/Rosso (White/Red), where the shortening of the distance between the eye and the represented object produces effects of distortion, overlaps of figures that appear on the single sheets, disrupting their order: each of them thus appears as a fragment of something whose overall view has been lost.[/read]

Pittura per Ciechi. Gouache on Braille paper, 24 sheets 25×33,5 cm each, 2007 [DG0078]

Pittura per Ciechi. Gouache on Braille paper, 9 sheets 25×33,5 cm each, 2007 [DG0079]