2006 Metameria



Both Metameria, an iron sculpture composed of 23 parts, and Come fosse in ascolto, made of 21 parts in white terracotta, are organized on a plane, on a longitudinal axis,[read]in order of decreasing size, symmetrical to a central element, or “in a rhythm of crescendo and diminuendo,” as the artist says, borrowing terms from the language of music. Both focus on the question of symmetry and its disruption, the dialectic between order as a principle of stability and disorder as a generative factor. Besides, both suggest similarities with imaginary organic structures, although there is no actual intention of mimicking reality: the point is not to represent – in the sense of re-producing – anything that exists, but to bring into being forms that reveal their shared belonging to an imaginary organic world. In Come fosse in ascolto there is a balance between the single parts that almost has a musical shape: from the low central note of the central element to the gradual ascent of pitch, in two opposite directions, towards the ends. The reference to sound in the title can also be connected with the form of the elements that make up the sculpture, which recall strange auricles and suggest the idea of a mysterious listening device.[/read]

Metameria. Iron , 24 elements, variable dimensions, 2006 [S00006]
Photos by Giovanni Ricci