1983 Il Nome dell’Arco


Il Nome

‘Il nome dell’arco’, an environmental installation presented in 1983 at the Lenbach museum in Munich.[read]The arbitrary and unprogrammable nature of art is the context within which this work takes form as a pure event: twelve large panels bearing luminous marks are arranged to form a dodecagonal space at the centre of which stands a massive tree branch, curved into the arc of a bow and covered with gold leaf. In the penumbra of the environment, the transparency of the coloured marks on the panels, a form of luminous multicoloured bieroglyphs, interacts with the gleaming gold of the bow, while a continuous sound, a kind of low, indistinct bum, emanates from an unidentifiable source, almost as if it were the subtle alien voice of the coloured motifs. The setting, pervaded by a subtle sacred atmosphere, which is implicit, interior and in no way made manifest, seems almost like a place of worship abandoned by a long defunct deity.[/read]

Il Nome dell’Arco. Environmental Installation, Munich, Lenbach Museum, 1983 [PE0006]
Il Nome Dell’Arco. Window Decals, 2,4×3,6 cm each, 1983 [FT0006b]